Puerto Venecia Comercial & Leisure centre & Retail Park

1) Global Project ManagementIntegration of all major facts in the management and development of the Project; commercial – design; design – procurement; procurement contracting; site control and contract administration. Urban Planning management

Direction, support and integration. Control of Resources and Consultants. Reporting direct to Investor Board.

2) President and Vice president of the Junta de Compensación (Land Compensation Board) Sector SUZ 88/3-1 “Puerto Venecia”Urban Planning management. Development and Approval of urbanistic planning Project, Urbanisation Project, Modifications to Urbanistic Planning Project, Statutes, Constitution and registry of Conservation Entity. Financial control.

Relationship management – Community groups and Environment Authorities.

Public Works; Procurement, Contracting and Control with use of national & European law in contracting. Municipal and Regional Roads authority Reception of Works

3) Management and Control of Licensing procedures and ObtentionNegotiate and obtain Urbanistic (Works) Licences and Activities Licences. Technical and Administrative negotiation with Council and regional government Authorities

4) ConstructionPublic Works  Roads & Infrastructures, Telco, etc.– 35,55 mm €. Public urbanisation Works  – 65 ha
Elevated motorway roundabout connection with Z-40 and access lanes

Construction of Retail Park (Medianas) – 31,80 mm €, including 45.000 m2 + private urbanisation works. Fit out Works for:            Leroy Merlin (France) & Media Markt (Germany)

Procurement & contract 1st phase structures (CC) – 3ª fase – 35mm €

5) CostsPlanning and management; Development of Global Cost plan. Integration of Cost Planning, Design and Commercial programmes. Cost Management – Reporting and Control

About Puerto Venecia; currently the largest Commercial & Leisure centre currently operating in Europe. (Construction Budget 200 mm €)
Puerto Venecia, located in Zaragoza, is the largest Commercial and leisure centre in Europe with more than 206.000 m2 of SBA y 250 units. Currently being developed by Eurofund Investments Zaragoza S.L., a joint venture participated in by British land, one of the largest Real estate companies in Europe and a consortium of private investors.
The total investment in Puerto Venecia is approximately 1.000 million euros, of which 600 million corresponds to direct investment and 400 million to the Tenants. The first phases, urbanisation works, infrastructures and the Retail Park are operational whilst the third phase will be finalised in 2012. In total 4.000 jobs will be created