Project and Construction Management By Sector: Public Administration
Puerto Venecia Eurofund Investments Zaragoza, S.L. & British Land Eurofund Investments Zaragoza, S.L. & British Land
New Hong Kong Airport - Chep Lap Kok - Hong Kong Cevasa Imagen, S.A. (Grupo Ginés Navarro) – Cevasa & Roura, S.A.
Traditional Bowls Court, Armentia, Alava. Basque Country Junta Administrativa, Armentia
New Steel Works Plant, Bizcaya, Basque Country Contrucciones Moyua S.A. / Técnicas Reunidas, S.A.
Reformas Iglesia de la Parroquia de Santa Maria Refurbishment 12th Century church in Parish of Santa Maria
Cantabria, Spain
Board of Historic Monuments and Religious Art of Laredo
Pilgrims Rest House, Fromista (Palencia) Ministry of Public Works (Fomento). Dept of Housing, Planning and Architecture
Inventary Infrastructures and Equipment Diputación Foral de Alava.
Team member Research and Analysis – Field Work